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Handbag "JOUR" embroidered cannetille
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Handbag "JOUR" embroidered cannetille
Handbag "JOUR" embroidered cannetille

handbag "JOUR" in grained leather embroidered cannetille

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Handbag, « JOUR » is constructed from naturally drummed calfskin leather, and strikingly embellished with handmade « cannetille »* embroidery. High quality finishing gives a gentle « deer » feel to the leather, while ensuring high resistance to dirt and scratches. For an enhanced natural feel, “JOUR” has a beautiful cotton twill lined interior. There is a flat pocket inside the bag. Handle drop is 14cm. Designed and manufactured in France.

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*« Cannetille » embroidery

The ornamental symbol/logo used for our embroideries represents a mystic animal - the fusion of an Imperial eagle and butterfly, symbolizing characteristics of strength, femininity and beauty. “ Cannetille” embroidery is created completely by hand, using intricately coiled, fine metallic thread, and in accordance with the ancestral technique of the XVI century. Highly popular in France in the XVIII-XIX centuries, “cannetille” was used to decorate royal clothes and accessories throughout Europe. Having disappeared little by little over time, due to difficulty in being able to produce this specialised handmade artistry in large quantities, it is used today only as ornamentation in military costumes… 


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