La cannetille

Royal, mysterious, unforgettable - the “cannetille” technique of embroideries is explored with the highest attention in MASHA KEJA collections. Appearing in France in the XVI century, these embroideries are created entirely by hand by highly skilled artisans, using intricately coiled, fine metallic thread, plated with gold or silver. To create the desired motif, the embroiderer cuts the metal thread-wire into delicately small pieces, and meticulously applies them one by one with needle and thread, like miniscule pearls. This rare technique demands great skill, patience and time. The creation of just one beautiful MASHA KEJA design requires approximately one whole day of work by cannetille artisans.

It is of little surprise that this sumptuous yet costly technique was reserved for royal families and their courts. As such, we find « cannetille » embroideries generously adorning the Maharaja’s dresses from India, royal headpieces from Denmark, lavish costumes belonging to the marshals of the Napoleonic army from France (you will find them in Musée de l’Armée in Paris) –as well as on the magnificent toreador costumes from Spain… The power and glory belonging to the man‘s world left us the masterpieces of embroideries, which embellished men’s costumes. The passion of the designer, who literally fell in love with this work, was to bring this exceptional technique into the world of the woman. She chose the handbag, as an everyday object, to celebrate the beauty of this rare craft, and give women the opportunity to experience the joy of wearing unique works of art.

Inspired by the rich historical past of « cannetille » technique, MASHA KEJA design represents an imagined creature - a mix of Imperial eagle and butterfly, symbolizing power and femininity. While the theme of embroidery featured in the designer’s first collections, little by little this symbol became the logo of the company. MASHA KEJA embroideries are created in accordance with this ancient technique, by one of France’s finest ateliers renown for their exceptional work for the armies.