You will experience a unique « Parisian » spirit in MASHA KEJA collections. Her refined blend of ancient French know-how with an understanding of modern lines and modern needs, creates precisely shaped handbags that are carefully studied and perfected in every detail. Russian-born, French designer MASHA KEJA established her own brand in 2009, after 15 years of rich experience working in luxury French houses such as Lancel and Christian Lacroix.

Masha creates her collections, by sharing with us the colours and attitudes of the “city of light” - Paris. You will find in her collections an ever-present range of beiges and off-whites, married with blacks, inspired by Paris’ famous Haussmann buildings with their pretty black balconies. You will enjoy the deep reds mixed with black, as a tribute to Parisian cabarets. And in honour of XVIII century fashion, so arty and exuberant, the beautiful range of moiré fabrics is embroidered manually in « cannetille » technique.

The designer pays exceptionally high attention to the choice of leathers, their finishing and the process by which they are aged. That is why our leather materials are ordered from the best French and Italian tanneries. Each bag is created with the greatest attention to detail, in order to offer the most elegant, comfortable and longest use. Appealing to those in search of difference and quality, MASHA KEJA handbags are produced in very small quantities.