Masha Keja

A touch of couture in everyday life; beauty that puts us at ease, that embellishes and enchants any time of the day - this what describes the MASHA KEJA style best.

This Russian-born designer grew up in an artistic family of Russian engineers. Her mother shared with her a love of beauty, of clothing design and painting. This all led a young girl down a natural path to the “Beaux-Arts”.

Masha spent her youth in France, in Paris. She took her earliest classes as an apprentice at Lancel, where she discovered the diversity of leathers, fell in love with it, and decided to express her love of design, shapes, colours and materials through her work in accessories.

Having started as an apprentice, Masha went on to become Head of Design for Women's Collections, and was the creator of multiple best-sellers for Lancel. A few years later, she relished the challenge of working within exuberant couture, by accessorizing collections for Christian Lacroix.

Finally in 2009, with 15 years of experience, she launched her own leather goods brand. It is no surprise that her work has become a symbiosis of the cultural heritage of her native country and French know-how.

Paris inspires her creations for women and men who are uninhibited, urban and nomadic, in search of high quality and a sense of subtle refinement.