Soft lambskin tote with sumptuous cannetille...

Soft lambskin tote with sumptuous cannetille...

Have you noticed that the blues of winter evenings are different from those of summer? Have you noticed the soft irridessence of windows illuminated in houses and apartments as you stroll by? Their warm tones contrast to the deep blues of the sky, which slowly intensify until they transform and become seemingly black... Cities dress in the velvet of night and embellish themselves with luminous jewels. The cold stings our nose and cheeks. And each new window that lights up warms us like a flame, its precious glow adding to this luxuriant spectacle.

These magical moments inspire creation. Today we would like to talk about the newborn baby of the MASHA KEJA house - the soft lambskin tote bag embellished with cannetille embroidery. Her name is SUZANNE.

SUZANNE is our new jewel bag, a soft and roomy tote - we can slip our laptop seemlessly inside. Both practical and ethical, we love its suppleness and elegance, the refined beauty of its decoration and its authenticity. Soft leather shopper SUZANNE is the jewel bag that is perfect to wear every day.

The leathers

What can be better to fulfil our desire for supreme softness than lambskin ?! Looking to add even more resistance to this noble leather, we have chosen the "bubbled" finish. This is a special finish achieved when the skins are placed in barrels with very high humidity and processed until the lambskins crisp and develop a natural grain with a rounded shape, similar to a bubble (hence the name of this finish). This process was developed by one France’s finest tanners, from whom MASHA KEJA orders these wonderful skins.


To highlight its beautiful tenderness, the edges at the top of our SUZANNE tote are folded inside. So, when your hand slips into one of its pockets, to take out your keys or cellphone, you will experience the delicacy of the lambskin’s touch. For more charm and the "seamless" effect, both sides of the bag are hand braided, creating an elegant zigzag.

The magic of cannetille

Cannetille embroideries are created entirely by hand, using intricately coiled, fine metallic threads and are still produced in keeping with the ancestral technique of the XVII century. The embroiderer cuts the metal thread into delicately small pieces and meticulously applies them one by one, as if they were miniscule pearls, until the desired design is complete. Our logo for Suzanne takes these highly skilled embroiderers approximately eight hours to complete !


For this beautifully embroidered version, we decided to work with three shades of cannetille. The black shades inspire us with their sophistication and minimalism ; the copper hues remind us of winter lights, and we applied them on a dark blue and black colored SUZANNE. As for the silver thread embroideries, they are like jewels inlaid on the body of the bag. They give Suzanne a timeless sophistication that is very easy to wear.

And the last detail….our beautiful embroideries are made on smooth lambskin and applied on the bags by hand. This level of craftsmanship is of unequalled rarity and is essential in the making of our collections.

Always glad to see you

We are excited to invite you to personally discover the colors and finishes of our soft tote SUZANNE, embellished with cannetille. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email to make an appointment and try these exquisite pieces in our MASHA KEJA showroom in Neuilly sur Seine.