We were impatiently waiting for it, and finally it decided to come: yes, the sun is back! What a pleasure to walk in the Parisian streets, under a radiant sky, with the sun and its soft sunlights which caress our faces. What a joy to free your mind contemplating the Haussmannian buildings while strolling Parisian streets animated from here to there by melodies. Nothing is better than a free fresh air and vitamin D to recharge the batteries!

After this cold beginning of the year, still regulated by a strict closed up, we are very happy to welcome these beautiful days giving us hope to be out of the long-lasting tunnel: hop to see the restaurant reopening, drink cocktails on the terrace, hope to find a spiritual feed in reopened galleries and museums, relax in the cinema or theater, hope to travel… It will be coming soon in Paris, let's stay positive and optimistic! :-)

These beautiful days are strongly inspiring us for new spring looks. But what would a spring look be without THE bag that will make your outfit outstanding? Time came to speak about our FRENCHY, stylish crossbody leather bag!

You may have already noticed it recently on our social networks, FRENCHY is one of our bestsellers, and we can tell you why!

The first version of FRENCHY appeared ten years ago, a year after the embroidered collection. Its round and generous shape immediately seduced our buyers. FRENCHY quickly became an essential hit bag! Fashion changes and accessories are adapting to the fashion movements. A few years later, FRENCHY was made in a smaller size. Today you can find both versions of this bag on our site: big and generous FRENCHY will strongly accessorize your Rock-and-Roll looks, while the smaller version will be perfect for a more elegant outfits.

But what is the secret of the success of this iconic bag?

FRENCHY is also known as the “crossbody” bag. One of its big advantages is that it can be worn casually on a long shoulder strap or, using the second small leather handle, it can be worn under the arm for a distinguished look. Another very important detail, we have reinforced in special way the bottom part of the bag. That allows you to carry heavy items without any distortion of your crossbody and assures a perfect appearance. Faithful to a reputation, FRENCHY knows how to keep stylish in any situation! ;-)

Practical and chic crossbody FRENCHY is made in smooth or grained calf-leather, and also available in the sumptuous nubucks of Remy Carriat, our French tanner from the southwest. Imagine this stylish bag accessorize some of your outfits! We are suggesting you this season the lavender-grey or beige, those two exceptional colors are covering easily winter and summer seasons. Or go for the version in smooth white leather! Accompanied by black handles, the bag will assure your very chic look!

What are you waiting for getting your own FRENCHY?

Still hesitating?

We invite you to visit our showroom at 37 rue de Chézy in Neuilly-sur-Seine to discover FRENCHY and all our collections! Feel free to take an appointment!