Continental wallet Madrid

Continental wallet Madrid

We girls are always looking for style. But did you notice that our super stylish and fashionable big bags are very heavy ?! And even if there are more and more accessory designers today working on reducing the weight of leather bags, well very often it’s we who are creating the excess weight! We have an annoying tendency to fill our pretty totes with just about everything. Wanting to be chic and hands-free, we store far too many objects in our bags, which we try to carry in a very relaxed, effortless way on our shoulder (oh yes, we are ready to suffer for "Fashion" even if our bag weighs 6-7 kilos). Then, after a few hours of trotting through the city, we succumb to almost paralyzing shoulder pain! Well, this often works for the first years of our life, but with time and the accumulation of duties and responsibilities (often towards our children and our family), this suffering in the name of Fashion becomes ridiculous. Even if we were once ready for anything in the name of Style, now when we get home we annoyingly put that object of desire away in the closet ,muttering to ourselves: "Stop suffering! Never again ! " The verdict is: the bigger our bag is, the more it will be stuffed…

And now, rich with this life experience, we promise ourselves, “I’ll never buy a big handbag again!” And even if we do find a super stylish one, we’d rather see it on the shoulder of a young fashion victim, rather than having and not wearing it, and admiring it sadly enthroned on the shelf of our dressing room. The decision is made ! The next purchase will be a medium or small size bag!

And so, we finally arrive at the issue at hand - our big wallets do not fit into these new, more compact-sized bags! If we miraculously manage to store them in these new, unusual volumes, they’ll take up all the available space, leaving no place for neither glasses (it’s sad girls, but when we start to feel back pain, we start to wear glasses ;-!), nor bigger new smartphone, keys or a lipstick…

But do not fear; we just have to change our big wallet, stuffed with dozens of cards and bills and find a smaller, medium-sized shape. So, I would like to present to you the zipped continental wallet that we named, "MADRID". The size of this wallet is perfectly optimized for our needs and allows us to store our essentials: identity card (which can be placed in one of the side compartments), 6 credit cards, folded bills, and coins that can be stored in a small central compartment. The continental wallet, “MADRID” is available in four colors of grained calf leather with varied interiors. It is truly wonderful!

And a few words before the end. I don't care about age and glasses! I like to wear heels and big stylish bags! I love fashion ! But there are simple tips to follow to avoid suffering: pay attention to the objects you store in your bags and once a week, empty them completely. You will be surprised to find a huge quantity of small things that you forgot in the pockets or in the deepest parts of your totes. And also pay attention to the weight of your wallets – empty them at least once a month, to get rid of papers or receipts. You will see that you will be able to use the beauties you found for much longer, and you will have no back pain! And if you add three days of sport per week to this, you will definitely be absolutely stylish, irresistible women!