Lambskin tassel keychain

Lambskin tassel keychain

... Or an absolutely de-stressing handbag decoration

Are you short of ideas for a nice, useful gift - a gift that will not ruin you and that will certainly please? Well, I'd like to talk about our lambskin "pompon" or tassel keychain that can also be used as a bag decoration.

As you know, in our collection of "iconic" embroidered handbags we use lambskin. They are mainly French lambs of the highest quality, and sometimes the lambskin we use comes from a very famous Italian tannery. It is important to realize that the skins of lambs are small or even very small ...:-). Sometimes they are only 50 cm2, while other times skins exceed 75cm2! Their surfaces and sizes are often uneven; one might have a square skin, whilst another is incredibly elongated.

As we are working with natural bases, every moment we face difficulties and surprises, for which we must find a solution. I go into these details only to explain that it is not always easy to determine exactly how much skin is required for production. In order to avoid unnecessary worries, we always order a little more than is required....allowing a small margin for the unexpected ;-). To illustrate, in a lambskin averaging 60 cm2 in size, we cut only two bag flaps. After the cut, at the end of the production, we still have some sumptuous yet irregularly shaped pieces remaining. These pieces are often too small to be used for production of bags or small leather goods, so we decided to turn them into handbag decorations or keychains.

At the end of production, we gather leather remnants in our Parisian workshop and make our tassels by hand. To secure the rolled-up component, we add a handmade stitch. The tassels are attached to a carabiner ring, for which you can choose the finish: light gold or gun barrel. This carabiner ring can be attached to your keys or any part of your purse to become a handbag-decoration. We are delighted that many of our customers have reported that stroking these sensuously soft lambskin tassels have helped them de-stress when dealing with their busy lives.

So that your tassel keychain can be presented as a special gift, we offer this piece in a "MASHA KEJA" box, surrounded by ribbon.