Leather tote with zip closure, BIG TOTE

Leather tote with zip closure, BIG TOTE

Or “I want a bag that is practical, elegant yet secure”

It is true that I have heard women lamenting that they were unable to find a designer tote with zip closure. So, wishing to offer women a chic leather tote that they could wear to work, I was determined to also find the solution to securing the contents of their bag. The result is the creation of our stylish zipped leather tote!

Being a very comfortable shape, we use totes to carry absolutely everything! Sometimes items exceed the size of our bag, and in these cases we appreciate not having the constraints of zips. (This is one of the answers to the question, "Why don’t tote bags have zips? « ) On the other hand, when we are looking for a bag to accessorize our office outfits, we want one that is large enough to accommodate A4 documents and folders, or our 13-inch laptop, yet which still looks stylish and elegant.

Keeping all of these specifications in mind, I ultimately chose two types of leather: smooth calf leather for its modern and minimalist look, and grained calfskin for its aesthetic (as my Australian friend, Tricia said, «I like leathers that tell me a story with their grains » and I agree with her completely.... :-).

However, the biggest task was the design of the interior. I wanted to reassure women who carry this bag that their possessions are more secure. So, we decided to create a central zippered separation. Very practical to hide our wallets or valuables, this separation splits the bag into two major parts, permitting you to place items such as documents or papers on one side and your make-up pouch, glasses and cell phone on the other. And as I promised, we have added a general zip closure that helps to protect the entire contents of your bag.

For more comfort, we added a zipped pocket on the back of the bag. This pocket is very convenient to store your travel pass, keys or cell.

The zipped tote can be worn on your shoulder in the summer, or elegantly over your arm. Why aren’t the handles high enough to carry the bag over a big coat in winter? Simply because this tote is designed as a chic object, to accompany your elegant coats. When worn on the shoulder, if filled with files or a laptop, the handles of the bag would ruin your autumn or winter coats (except the nylon ones) in two seasons. So, by limiting the height of the handles, I am trying to protect you from damaging your favourite coat through carrying too much weight on your shoulders ;-).