The Jewel-Bag

The Jewel-Bag

I like to see beautiful women!

And I try every moment to make them "superb"! Oh, it's not a beauty you could see on the internet or at a beauty contest, but it's about giving a woman the feeling that she's "beautiful," and she will dazzle by its allure and charm any beauty queen.

I find that a woman can be beautiful in a well-chosen garment, which highlights its forms or softened certain imperfections (the privilege of a well-chosen garment). The clothes does not have to be expensive, but it must make you comfortable. On the other hand you have to be extremely careful about the choice of accessories: your bag must be perfect, it must be a bag-jewel. Because if you can correct imperfections of the cut of your clothes with your body or how you wear them, your accessory to his own life and he is incorrigible, trust me, he will say everything about you in a second!

People living in big cities must share a space that is not gigantic but that is in itself a high concentration of activities, offers and individuals. Everything is going very fast! Everything is varied and filled with emotions, we give and we receive a lot of energy, and our Luxury to us become Time and Space. And it is in these circumstances that I want to help women to be able to make a striking impact, to be both elegant without wasting time, and to feel "beautiful and unique," in any situation by wearing a MASHA KEJA jewel bag.

I would like to "dress" with bags that will speak for you.

This can be a jewel bag decorated with embroidery "cannetille". Luxurious, powerful in expression with a singular work of embroidery, this bag-jewel can accompany your rock outfits, jeans, or a more austere and minimalist range. You will be unforgettable by wearing this piece.

In addition, we develop a collection of bags "Ville" that is carried out with great attention, with beautiful proportions and pretty metal parts. We focus on sumptuous leathers and a luxurious work of shaping, which will express your originality, your taste, and a unique savoir-faire.