Women's 48h bag

Women's 48h bag

Oh travelling! And the pleasure of discoveries!

Yes, absolutely, nothing is better than to leave in the discovery of new countries, nature, cultural diversity and the inhabitants of our Planet! I like the unexpected trips, but to be perfectly relaxed I need an impeccable organization of my travel essentials ;-). I like finding my items immediately and being able to put them away quickly. And for that you need a good traveling companion, a bag. So, I created the 48h woman bag (well, actually many men like it too).

And now I explain to you why the "48h woman bag", which we named "JET LAG" accompanies me in ALL my travels.

Firstly, for its aesthetic side, I like the elegance of the beige color! Absolutely timeless this color crosses the time always remaining chic, and it is one of the main qualities of a travel bag, it must be "timeless chic". In addition this color is built in two shades: medium beige and dark beige. That is to say that with the use the dirt or the tasks are not visible. The leather is grained, strong and very light. Congratulations to the French tanners who are the developers of this finish! And my second compliment goes directly to the artisans of the workshop located 300 km from Paris who made this wonder.

Secondly, in 30 years I have traveled with an incredible amount of shapes and types of bags, and the most effective volume turns out to be a "parallelepiped" in canvas or leather. Why ? Because when this form is not full, it flattened up and becomes a rectangular prism ;-) remember your geometry lessons . And when we have many objects to transport, we return to our initial volume: the "parallelepiped" shape.

Third, in our 48h woman bag "JET LAG" all your belongings are easily recoverable thanks to the large central opening that lets a lot of light to well distinguish objects. In addition, for those who move with computer, folders and magazines we have created lateral flat pockets. It's a lot more convenient to separate our clothes from magazines, is not it?

And now, why is he accompanying me in ALL my travels?

When I take the plane, I put the bag on my suitcase (small or large). I slip into my "JET LAG": my 15-inch Macbook and Air France magazines in the outer side pockets. In one of these pockets I also slip my cell phone (there is a dedicated pocket). In the same compartment I slide my flat leather pouch "Oslo". It's in this pocket that I put away my hotel bookings, my plane ticket and my passport. As and when this cover will be filled with the bills of the trip so that when I return I can establish a bill of costs without losing anything. In the central part I store my Canon with his bag and his batteries, my travel slippers, a flexible garment and a sweater for long-distance flights, a kit with small tubes of creams, a perfume, doliprane, a book, a glasses case, a wallet, an apple and I still have free space for a do not know what. I do not record my "JET LAG": he makes the trip to my feet. Practice, I go out and I store what I want and when I want it!

When I go to Italy or Spain to visit one of the factories, I slip my folders and magazines into the outer side pockets, with my phone tucked away in his dedicated pocket. In the same compartment I slip the Oslo leather flat pocket with my passport and my reservations. Then in the main compartment I put away a clean shirt (I love men's shirts!), A sleeping t-shirt, a spare underwear, a kit with a toothbrush, a beauty kit, my Canon and his spare battery, a sweater, an apple and I have free space for an I do not know what. I can put my bag in the cabin compartment, but I prefer to have it at my feet, as usual. Practice, I go out and put away what I want when I want!

When I go to Normandy, visit the family of my husband, my bag 48h woman "JET LAG" accompanies me too, and still faithful to my feet ;-). This time, again, I slide my Canon and his battery, a sweater, an apple, a bottle of 1.5L, my beauty kits and, there is a plus! This is my dog: Jules, adorable Maltese bichon who adopts with great pleasure this bag for its very comfortable shape and its distant smells! Everything returns. The bag remains open so that Jules can circulate freely "inside / outside" and so that I can access my wallet at any time for travel payments, sandwiches, sunglasses or bottled water.

When I take the Metro to go to our Parisian shop, I slip into my bag 48h woman "JET LAG" my 15-inch Macbook and its connections, my sweater, a small bottle of water, an apple and a tray of homemade salad ( so good!). I put my bag on the shoulder (oh yes, when it is not very filled I wear it this way) and I take the opportunity to go around the shops of the Marais to make purchases or gifts that will be well hidden in the depths of my companion. He is so perfect ;-)!