Luxury women's bag

Luxury women's bag

What does a luxury ladies bag mean to me?  

First of all, it is a unique object and differ in its design. I appreciate the authenticity of objects.

The second most important point is the quality of the raw materials in which the bag is designed: leather or jacquard. Matter must be noble in its touch and in its own design, it must intrigue and tell its story as soon as your hand touches it. This is one of the reasons why I prefer to work with French or Italian leathers.

Do you know that it is complicated to find a beautiful smooth skin with a natural grain, a regular skin, without scars and without cuts caused by the horns of other animals? In fact, the issue of the beauty of the skin of an animal is very close to that of humans. Our skin reflects the quality of our life: our food, the care provided, the roughness or clemency of the climate; and when the tanner buys a batch of raw skins (it is a slaughterhouse waste, because the animals are killed for their meat, and not for their skins) it makes a big selection: the most beautiful bases (raw skins) will be little transformed, and those with defects will be covered with multiple layers of dyes and grains to mask any irregularities.

I simplify a little so that it is clearer (in reality it is even more complex, and I will tell it, little by little, the moment came). And now, lots of raw French skins are highly appreciated for the regularity of grains and for the care provided by breeders. And even if they are more expensive to buy, it is the bases that need less transformation, we will leave them the beauty of their natural and silky touch and their fine original grain. Out, today we eat less and less meat, the car industry uses more and more leather to equip its cars, and the beautiful raw bases are increasingly rare ... and therefore expensive.

Since we are talking about skins and tanners, I would like to mention another subject - the environment. The work of the tanners is very polluting, because it is the treatment of the waste: if you visit factories of North Africa or Asia you will see in what condition works the people and the extent of the damage caused to the planet by these wastes poured directly into the rivers. But this is not the case for European tanners. In France and Italy, tanners are obliged to build sewage networks. Do you know that before being released into the wild, the water passes through 11 sometimes 13 filtering baths and that at the exit the water is cleaner than that which was taken at the beginning of the process? Not to mention the working conditions of French tanners in comparison with other countries.

Third important point in designing a luxury women's bag is the work of the craftsman. It takes time and calm to create a nice object. The leather does not forgive a misstep or a false sting. And it takes thousands of miles of bites before you can make a beautiful and regular hand or sewing machine. The art of luxury leather goods is above all an art of sublimation of leather on the one hand and the art of mastering the hidden parts. Because it takes hours and hours of study of the various reinforcements to use, thickness of leather to obtain, slices of leather to smooth, to tint, and to smooth again to develop a new model bag ... We work with a living material that sometimes surprises us, a unique material that is one of the most beautiful work of Nature. His name is Le Cuir. We are constantly learning to refine it, strengthen it, paste it, cushion it, moisten it, pull it, turn it over and torture it in many other ways, but always with great care and deep respect and perpetual enchantment before successfully transforming it into a Luxury Women's Bag.