Crocodile wallet

Crocodile wallet

To answer the question "How do you find your inspiration? »I involuntarily mark a pause ...

Indeed, each time it is different: sometimes it is the very precise desire of an object which pushes you to the creation, sometimes it is the desire of to accessorize the silhouettes that are dear to your heart, sometimes it's a woman's dream and it's her, the dream woman who has to wear your creation, sometimes it's the childhood memory, but sometimes it's the matter, and more precisely it is a skin in a very precise hue and its tactile side that begins to literally possess your mind and that pushes you to crime!

That's what happened with crocodile skins. In the world there are quite a few people who turn these predators into something useful like a bag or a wallet. And you will often find objects that by their color or touch sincerely confirm the great ferocity of these monsters.

Except this time there was the skin ... It intrigued me by its deep red hue. The center of the scales was red and the color intensified on the perimeter becoming a black-brown between the scales, as if it were a wooden log devoured by fire. When I reached out to touch her, I could not hold back an exclamation "Oh Heaven! ".

I felt under my fingers a soft material, or rather a skin of lamb, soft and silky. A certain dullness has accentuated this warm and enveloping side ... Love at first sight! ... and the beginning of the men's crocodile wallet collection.

The crocodile skins were prepared and dyed by one of the best French tanners. Apart from a long preparation, it is necessary to apply 3-4 layers of stain and finish with a polishing by hand to create this finish "booty" and to obtain this red "fire" deep without losing the suppleness of the leather.

Rare are the tanners with such know-how, able to transform prehistoric monsters into sweet little lambs and surprise us with the magic of colors. Know how.

Our collection of men's crocodile wallets is made in a very beautiful French factory, recognized for its meticulous work and expertise in precious skins.

We chose small crocodile skins to favor the refinement of small scales and the pieces are cut in the noblest part of the skin.