Maintain your MASHA KEJA bag

Maintain your MASHA KEJA bag

The high-quality leather of our bags is a living material. By receiving special attention and care, your faithful companion will resist the passage of time and will only be more beautiful.

General recommendations:

In order to feed and protect your leather bag, we invite you to use milk cream for leather (we recommend the brand "Woly"). After applying this cream, we advise you to let the leather rest for a few moments, then polish it with a chamoisine. When your leather bag needs cleaning, we suggest you use a special leather soap with a clean, damp, dewatered sponge. After natural drying in the air, you can use a cream of milk for leather to revive the glow of the leather and feed it.

To preserve the beauty of your bag, we advise you to protect it from contact with water, substances such as solvents or detergents, greasy substances, make-up products and perfumes that can damage the skin. Also avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and any source of heat. When not worn, to maintain the elegance of its shape, we advise you to fill it with tissue paper and store it in a dry place. Finally, to prevent a possible transfer of color on your bag, we advise you to be vigilant if you wear dark clothing. By rubbing, these can rub off on your model.

Rain spots on nubuck:

Simply rub the stains with a dry cloth or a crepe gum so that the nubuck leather of your bag finds its beautiful velvety.

Tasks of fat (lipstick, cream, vinaigrette ...):

Lay the "Terre de Sommières" in package on the task, massage a few moments before letting rest one night. Clean the next morning with a damp sponge. Pen and ink tasks

It is imperative to act immediately to prevent the task from being permanent. Dab the stain with a cotton ball impregnated with clay stone or with a cotton bud lightly moistened with lemon, white vinegar or water and black soap. If the job is resistant, add a drop of alcohol at 70 °. Do not overflow the unstained area of the leather. Then apply a slightly damp sponge to remove the product and wipe with a dry cloth. Painting tasks Clean with a damp sponge and possibly one of the recommended soaps before wiping with a damp cloth and wiping with a dry cloth. Tasks of drinks (coffee, soda, tea ...) Sponge up the drink with absorbent paper and then pass on the task a cloth soaked in cleansing milk with a few drops of white vinegar. If the task persists, replace the vinegar with household alcohol.

If you have any doubt, contact a leather professional.

We remain at your disposal to answer all your questions.