Ma Boite à Trésor

Ma Boite à Trésor

Last year we had a chance to meet Zarina Malherbe, a talented French designer and founder of the brand "FRANCE BY LILLY". Immediately seduced by beauty and precision of her work, especially by magnificent hat boxes that she creates and crafts by herself in her workshop, we decided that our two houses should collaborate !

While discovering our collection, Zarina was strongly charmed by MASHA KEJA iconic handbags embroidered by hands according 17th century technique, called "cannetille". She fell in love with small handbag "AVA Baby" which inspired her to create something exceptional...

We exchange our ideas, and a few months later Zarina broght us her proposal, the first prototype. It was an elegant oval box that she developed for us. This box was created to feet "AVA Baby" bag! We had to find materials to cover the form. Knowing the history of the cannetille and our passion for the fabrics of seventeen and eighteen centuries, the Zarina exposed some samples of fabric « toile de Jouy » from the house Manuel Canovas. A pure wonder!

(For the history, the manufacture of the « toile de Jouy » was launched in 1760 by a young Frenchman, Mr. Oberkampf, in the city of Jouy-en-Josas (dozen kilometres from Paris). Becoming highly successfull, his printed cottons quickly found their place in decoration, furniture and clothing. In 1783, French King Louis XVI granted the Oberkampf factory with honorable title of "Royal Manufacture").

Undeniable that this material represents marvelousely our beautiful heritage. Concidering that "AVA Baby" handbags are made of tender lambskins, soft as a baby's hands, it was obvious that the fabric for inside part of « MY TREASURE BOX » should be at least as soft as lambskin. After some reseurch we found a very soft material, similar to suede. Less expensive than real suede, this fabric is easy to cut and ideal as a lining for our box. A little plus, this « suede fee » lining is also easy to maintain. In case of dirt, we remove the stain with soap and a damp cloth.

Materials were chosen, and two weeks later « MY TREASURE BOX » was finished!

Today you have the opportunity to admire the result of this beautiful collaboration between our two houses "FRANCE BY LILLY" and "MASHA KEJA". To avoid waste and storage dificulties, « MY TREASURE BOX » is available on order. You should count ten working days to have your order ready.

We belive this beautiful box will be a great gift idea ! It’s a sumptiouse way to present the "AVA Baby" handbag to one you love or it can be a refined case to keep the bag you already own.