Colorful Small Leather Goods

Colorful Small Leather Goods

Welcome to the month of May and its beautiful days! We are so happy to offer you a moment to relax with a new post on our blog. This monthly blog is an opportunity for us to talk with you in full transparency about the essence of our brand and about the way we work. It is also an opportunity for us to send you positive vibes, keep you up-to-date about our collections and share our inspirations.

Today, let us tell you about our collection of small leather goods, and more specifically, our colorful accessories. We would like to highlight our collection of SUZY zippered pouches, crafted from sumptuous grained leather in a range of fresh, juicy colors. These beautiful little pouches, lined with fuchsia satin, will be the ideal accessories for your upcoming summer outfits and will accommodate all your small essentials with ease. Did you notice that SUZY’s color range is similar to some of the other bags in our collections? Yes ! If you were thinking about our DINA ROCK, JULIETTE or FRENCHY handbags, you are completely right! So,what is the link between them?

During the production of our bags, after cutting we still have small, beautiful parcels of leather remaining. Too small for larger bags, they have the potential to be discarded. However, our wish was to optimize the use of these fine leather pieces and to minimize waste. This inspired us to create small products, such as our popular SUZY pouch. For this pretty pouch, we utilized the leathers left over from production of our beautiful DINA ROCK and JULIETTE bags. Lemon yellow, marshmallow pink, hibiscus red, raspberry pink… You can find these colors in both handbags and pouches! Isn’t it a wonderful way to satisfy your every desire? :-)

It is a similar case for our collection of beautiful TASSEL keychains. These small handbag accessories are crafted from sublime pieces of lambskin, left over from the production of our iconic bags, AVA BABY. These little colorful tassels are incredibly sensuous, calming and delicate to touch, as soft as a baby’s skin. The tassels are accompanied by small, stylish metal medallions, bearing the logo of our House. Be inspired, be assured - these little jewels will bring a touch of style and color to your bags or to your set of keys. Not only that, stroke them gently and immediately feel yourself relax and your troubles melt away ! 

This initiative highlights one of the important values of our MASHA KEJA House: a constant desire to optimize leather usage and minimize waste. We strive to achieve this goal by adhering to short circuit production, limiting transportation and maximizing use of our leathers and linings. This is our responsible and simply common sense approach. Mother’s Day is approaching, and we highly recommend these charming, refined pieces of exceptional quality, priced less than 100 euros. Your SUZY pouch or TASSEL keychain will be carefully wrapped inside one of our special MASHA KEJA gift boxes, ready for giving.

Wait no longer to delight the special women in your life. Choose the MASHA KEJA accessory in the color that you know will not only suit her but brighten her day ! Visit the “Flat Pouches” and “Key Holder and Bag Charms” sections of our website to discover our collection of these most beautiful, exquisitely crafted small leather goods.