March 8, International Women's Day

March 8, International Women's Day

Whether brunette, blond or red, tall or short, thin or strong ... I am inspired by the light of happiness that a woman's eyes can express.

I admire girls who feel beautiful and irresistible at lavish Parisian parties. They have straight or curly hair, are dressed in sophisticated outfits, and contemplate the world from the top of their 10 centimeter heels… They are goddesses descended from the sky, bewitching the World with their fascinating grace! These women inspire me with exuberance, extravagance, finesse, and I slip our most precious pieces into their hands, like the little AVA BABY bags, embroidered in purl.

I admire these same girls when they rush in the morning to catch the bus or the subway, or when they rush on a bike to be on time for work. So focused and determined, they turn into real urban Amazons! The beauty of this will, the movement, the creative focus, the dreamy and fiery gazes are so inspiring! I created the SUZANNE braided tote for these women to carry their laptops on the go to work. But I am also delighted to offer them the JULIETTE or BIG TOTE bag for the more elegant and refined working-girl side.

I admire these same girls, when they come home at night to reunite with their families, their children, if there are any, and I admire their ability to generate an ocean of love in which she plunges her loved ones! I love this generosity, I admire it! I want to take care of them: I want to free their hands so that they can be even more comfortable in moving and distributing affection. So I created FRENCHY, and I gave it a masculine name. The FRENCHY double carry bag, which can be worn diagonally, casually, freeing the hands or, thanks to the second small handle, can be worn chicly, under the arms.

I admire those girls who find the moment to take care of themselves, those who go for a run or play sports from home. Despite the workload, their families, pleasure outings or cultural outings, they find the time to take care of their bodies, their health and their minds. I love !!! So, I offered these women the PLUME blistered nylon collection, made up of light bags in which it is easy to carry sportswear with style.

I admire these girls who dream, who seek to discover new horizons, new cultures, who go on trips for work or for pleasure, or who unite the two! They inspire me! So, I offer these girls the JET LAG bag, for chic and comfortable flights, or the small DINA ROCK bag to be free in movement and beautiful without effort.

Oh girls! I love your strength, tenacity, curiosity, beauty, your emotional, diplomatic, mischievous, far-sighted and strategic way! You are the greatest wonders of the world! And I want you to remember this, every moment of your life, because this is how I see you. You inspire me daily and make me want to make your life more enjoyable.

I wish you a happy Women's Day!