Napoléon heritage

Napoléon heritage

Take a breath, 2020 is over! We have never been so impatient to turn the page! After a year shaken by the changes imposed by COVID-19, 2021will be a year full of hope.

Hope, because we are convinced that the conditions which prompted us to innovate and to double our efforts in 2020 will be beneficial for this new year. We are also convinced that we will be stronger, more ambitious, more determined, and that 2021 will crown everyone's efforts with success. Let us be positive and optimistic! :-) Let's start the year with a mind full of dreams and great projects to achieve for 2021! Anyway, la Maison MASHA KEJA wishes you a lot of happiness for this New Year! And we hope to contribute to this one :-)

Let's start this new chapter together, and discover a little story, a story that defines our House through our unique know-how: cannetille embroidery, a term borrowed from the Spanish cañutillo, derived from cañuto, “Pipe”, which dates back to the Latin canna, which means “reed; pipe ”. The cannetille is a technique used for embroidery in relief, especially nowadays for military or civilian uniforms.

You have surely already seen the delicate embroidery on some of our bags. It has traveled through time to fit into the codes that our Maison offers today. Indeed, several of our collections, such as the AVA and AVA Baby pouches, are directly hand-embroidered on lambskin with this meticulous technique which dates from the 16th century.

To create the desired motif, the embroiderer cuts the metal thread-wire into delicately small pieces, and meticulously applies them one by one with needle and thread, like very small pearls. This rare technique demands great skill, patience and a lot of time.

This know-how was intended for Kings and their Courts because it was a sign of prestige and money. The cannetille adorned the most beautiful clothes and costumes of the great male figures of History. We find its mysterious shards on costumes of Napoleon Bonaparte and his marshals Ney, Moncey, Lannes, on the Royal costumes in Spain, England, Prussia, or in Russia. It embellishes the clothes of the Pope in the Vatican and dazzles the caftans of Maharajas in India. Moreover, it was in the 18th century that it was at the height of its popularity. The cannetille also adorns one of the four thrones ordered for the Emperor, one of them is at the Louvre in Paris.

And why not for the women? Our designer wanted to break the codes, and transcribe this sumptuous technique through bags intended for women. It is now possible to get a practical and elegant designer bag that looks like a real work of art for everyday.

Because guaranteeing you exceptional quality is also our priority, our leather goods are designed in the best workshops in France and Spain, recognized by the luxury industry for their demanding know-how.

Avril Lavigne, Paris Hilton and women from the world have succumbed to the charm of cannetille embroidery mixed with artisanal leather goods made in France from MASHA KEJA, and you?

Find our bags on our website, and do not hesitate to contact the MASHA KEJA team for more information.