Hello, Dina Rock!

Hello, Dina Rock!

October has come to an end, and now we can say hello to November in a confined, relaxed atmosphere!

For the past few weeks, the trees have gradually adopted warmer hues, with their leaves gently falling to the ground, adding a touch of colour to our Parisian streets when the sky is grey. No doubt, autumn has arrived, and we love this season!

This season marks the beginning of a wardrobe change for all of us; no more pretty floral skirts, sandals and summer tops. Instead, we welcome big coats, boots and fluffy scarves to ward off the winter cold.

During this very special period induced by COVID-19, add some warmth to your restricted outings; opt for a new version of our precious DINA handbag - DINA ROCK! If you want to brighten up everyday life with colour this season, we offer you a range of dynamic, vibrant notes to complete your look! DINA ROCK is available in several colours: marshmallow pink, lemon yellow, raspberry…..On the other hand, if you prefer more reassuring shades, we also offer DINA ROCK in black, white, brown, lavender or nude.

A little bit of daring and a cool attitude can make make your life more fun! So, why not? Especially when you can combine practicality, quality and trend!

Practical? Due to its small size, our small flap bag is suitable for those who like lightness. With its flap and magnetic top, DINA opens and closes quickly while keeping your items safe. Store your wallet, smartphone, keys and lipstick (even though we tend to replace it with a mask these days!).

Quality? For lovers of quality, we make every effort to offer you exceptional bags. Our DINA ROCK is hand sewn in Spain, utilising a pretty drummed calfskin from a Spanish tannery, as well as local linings.

Trendy? Rock ‘n Roll never died! The DINA ROCK is a timeless model that will not only accompany you through trends, but also through the seasons! We brought it to you this summer, and DINA ROCK is now back for autumn! The length of the shoulder strap is adjustable, allowing the bag to be worn over even a big coat. To wear DINA ROCK, we highly recommend a Scottish kilt, which is back in force this year, teamed with a pair of black tights and Dr Martens. Yet, it’s also perfect incorporated into a more classic combo, like Mom jeans and trench coat. A real style chameleon!

And as for style….Have you noticed that the handles of our bags are always black? Yes, it was first and foremost our desire to extend the lifespan of light coloured bags; you know how quickly handles get dirty. The second reason is to enable you to create fun or chic looks. There is always a pair of black shoes in your closet, or a little black skirt to match the colour of the handles! The third reason is that our house was born in Paris, and our designer wishes to capture the story of Parisian style, by giving a nod to the beautiful beige Hausmanian buildings, with their pretty black balconies – a unique part of the city that is very dear to her.

Good! Now you know it – DINA ROCK is an everyday bag! All that’s missing is your smile to complete the look! Do not hesitate to tag us on your Instagram photos with your DINA ROCK. We are always so happy to see you wearing our bags and accessories.

Stay positive :-)