The hands-free SUZY flat pouch

The hands-free SUZY flat pouch

The hands-free "SUZY" flat pouch

We have just gone through a period of confinement caused by Covid 19. For me it was emotionally very heavy: part of the country was fighting with an unknown virus and the other, of which I was a part, could not do anything and was in the obligation to stay locked in his house or apartment with a restricted activity.

Two months of solitary confinement which fell right on the edge of spring. We have never admired it coming so much! And how beautiful it was ...

I thank our little dog Jules very much, thanks to whom the outings were regular and for the maximum authorized duration! I realize today that deprived of complete freedom, I wanted to lighten my body of all unnecessary constraints. I'm talking about tight clothes or shoes with heels, beautiful without a doubt, but not very comfortable. The outing with Jules was "The Outing" and my being wanted to fully enjoy my 60 minutes of freedom! This may explain why even the idea of carrying a small bag was unbearable to me!

Women's clothes leave little room for pockets. And to be able to organize my things well: keys, authorization printed on A4, handkerchief, laptop and sachet to clean up after Jules I needed a container. This container has become the Suzy zipped flat pouch in bubbled lambskin! Yes I know why I created this pouch, but I used it for two months! And it was absolutely perfect! My stuff fit very well. And then the pouch that hung on my handle left my shoulders and my hands free. Besides, I didn't even bother to remove it from my handle to open the zipper: I just had to pull the strap attached to the zip cursor to access the papers. The small compartment inside was also very practical: I stored my credit card and a money bill in case ...

Besides, this summer I hope to go on vacation with 2-3 Suzy flat pouches. They will be essential for the beach. The large shopping bag can be kept close to the beach mattress or towels, while the pouch with the strap will contain the essentials and will be hung on my handle, allowing me to have lunch feet in the sand with a totally relaxed mind and body ;-).