The precious little clutch

The precious little clutch

"Slow fashion" (antonym of "fast fashion") is a movement that is gaining momentum ... I appreciate the usefulness of a wardrobe, and I try to maximise mine in a way that utilises each item of clothing and each accessory intelligently, so that they do not "camp" in my closet but instead "work" for me full time.

To facilitate my compositions, I wear a lot of "neutral" colours such as black, grey or beige, which can be alternated endlessly. Of course, when we wear neutral colours that we could rightly consider boring, we have to pay special attention to our accessories. And yes, an eccentric scarf or coloured handbag worn with a range of greys can easily spice up our “grey” outfit. It is a similar story for black: an entirely black look is terribly sinister. In order to make a statement, it is necessary to create eye-catching "accents" either by a play of light (where we counter the matts with the brilliants), by the eccentric volumes of our jewellery or handbag, or by mixing up all of this! It is simply up to you to decide when to stop ;-).

Keeping in mind the image of a woman in a hurry, who often wears black (and her famous little black dress) or very dark colours, I wanted to offer her an accessory that will create one of these fabulous “accents ".

This is how the "AVA Baby" bag was born. With very special embroidery, crafted entirely by hand utilising fine metallic threads (in the technique of “cannetille”), this clutch is worn on a long metal chain which deflects shards of light. It is true that once worn, this precious little clutch becomes a jewel - or to be more precise, a jewel-bag that beautifully accessorizes a woman. Note that sometimes the presence of the chain may appear too dominant, such as when we wear a very beautiful piece of jewellery. It is then possible to easily detach the chain, so that we can carry the clutch by hand. Alternatively, and this is the type of wear that I personally prefer, I keep the chain attached, do a triple turn of the handle and simply carry the bag in my hand. So, while the triple chain creates a sumptuous bracelet for me, my bag is also "unstealable" (hahaha, I am a Parisian ;-)).

The precious "AVA Baby" clutch’s versatility is another reason that makes it an accessory that I love! It easily complements the most varied of outfits - it accessorizes a rock look with infinite character (Perfecto jacket + low biker boots), sublimates a very dressed look (cocktail or evening dress + pumps) or it can be worn in a chic-bohemian spirit (blouse or chiffon dress + boots).

All you have to do is choose your clutch: will it be the formidable version in black lambskin and silver embroidery? Or a black version with embroidery and gold chain? (suddenly your rock version will look very luxurious ;-) Or will it be one of the latest absolutely sublime versions in lambskin, that we call "taffeta"?

Your turn to play ;-) !