Designer flap bag...

Designer flap bag...

or “I like my cool Rock-and-Roll attitude”

Beautiful springtime is approaching, the days are getting longer, nature is waking up and we, like little birds warmed by the sun's rays, we are anticipating wondrous change, willing to sing, dance, bring ease and light into every part of our lives. Let's put our big coats and duffle jackets in the closet. The time for trench coats and leather biker jackets has arrived! Yes, winter is over and we are feeling young, light, beautiful, and Rock-and-Roll!!

Well, if you change your clothes, it would be preferable to also change your accessories (I'm talking about handbags)!. Besides, if you like accessories as much as I love shoes and bags, you should give them some time to rest, so they might serve you longer and better . But back to the subject! To help you feel as light as air, to be beautiful and rock, we created a small flap bag called "DINA". The small flap bag, "DINA" was designed to fit your minimum essentials: the new iPhone (oh, it’s big!), eyeglasses, a small wallet, keys and a lipstick. If you are looking to carry even less weight in your bag, you can leave your large wallet at home and replace it with a small card holder, which can be tucked safely in a small zippered pocket inside.

To accessorize all possible outfits perfectly, we developed "DINA" in eight leather colors! DINA’s long black leather strap also has five adjustment holes, allowing you to find the ideal length. So, the small flap bag can be worn crossbody by girls of all heights – from small to tall!

You might ask me why the strap of our DINA bag is black? Well, we did this to make it last. As you have probably noticed, in white or clear colored bags, it is the handles and the shoulder straps that get dirty very quickly. If the handle is black, your white bag can be used 2-3 time longer. In addition, black is a very popular color in clothing today, and there are more dark haired women than blondes. So, to make it easier for you to match the colors of your outfit, we decided to create our bags with small black accents.

Are you ready to feel light? Let’s Rock together! ;-)