Slim Leather Continental Wallet « KYOTO »

Slim Leather Continental Wallet « KYOTO »

Or how to organize all in one

For busy women who want to organize their receipts, numerous credit cards, small notes and money in one place, and be sure that nothing is missing, we have created the zipped continental wallet, and we named it, "KYOTO".

Living in big cities offers us wonderful job opportunities, gives us immense access to art and cultural life, allows us to mix with a variety of people and religions within a limited space. Yet at the same time, each day our ambitions and obligations are placed under enormous pressure, creating a high level of complexity and competition. In this situation the word “stress” becomes common.

With this in mind, we created a wallet that allows you to organize your cards, bills, receipts and coins, yet not feel obliged to do it in a precise moment. Instead, simply place the mess in any of the compartments and secure it all at once by simply closing the zipper!

I think we have all experienced those situations when we had to pay for our shopping or buy our metro pass in a hurry…. when every second seems more precious than gold! Or the moment when you have to pay the taxi bill: you are exhausted and while you dream of being back home as quickly as possible, you sit in the darkness of the cab, trying to carefully store the receipt, the credit card or change? Well in those moments, I really enjoy throwing everything in my wallet and closing the zip. Voila! Storage is achieved in the blink of an eye and suddenly “stress” doesn’t seem so bad!

To offer a choice for fashionistas, we are proposing our continental wallet, “KYOTO” in two versions of leather: grained calf and patent ( its glossy finish known in France as “varnis” leather). The grained calfskin used for “KYOTO” is delightful to touch. The grains are moderately large, and this leather demonstrates excellent resistance to time – to dirt and scratches. The second version of continental wallet “KYOTO” is made of very thick “varnis” calfleather. This shiny leather has a more fashionable look and also ages exceptionally well. Many women have returned after 7-8 years to buy the same wallet, changing only the color.

So, have we convinced you to try ☺?