The crossbody bag in nubuck

The crossbody bag in nubuck

... or the luxurious designer bag

Each season our crossbody bag named "Small HOBO" dresses in a new version of colors or leathers. And to soften the winter season nothing is better than the nubuck! But not just any, of course.

Very often people confuse the nubuck with a leather crust or a suede. The three terms refer to a "soft and velvety" finish of the leather, but these are three completely different manufacturing processes leading to qualities, touchdowns and absolutely unequal prices.

Being amateur of the beautiful and admirer of the magnificent work of French tanners, I chose for our collections the nubuck bull. It is a bull skin whose part "flower" (the upper part of the skin) is finely sanded. Sanding destroys the thin surface layer creating an extremely soft surface, velvet. The thickness of our nubuck is almost two millimeters! You imagine the roundness and softness of this leather ! The second secret of making nubuck (and leather in general) is the quality of tanning. The longer the leather will spend time inside a barrel with pigments, and the deeper the dyes will penetrate the skin, and so the color will be sublime and stable. That is to say that when you wear your bag the leather will not whiten after a year and a half, and in case of scratch (alas it can happen) the color in depth will be the same as the color of your bag outside. The third step, and it is extremely delicate, is the fixation of the pigments. A true know-how, it requires a high requirement and a lot of time.

Know that the friction of a nubuck realized in the rules of the art, will never leave traces on your white trousers or your coat in clear cashmere, contrary to the crusts of velvet, or suede skin...

We found our silky nubuck and extremely well finished in one of the French tanneries, world famous for its highly demanding and qualitative work. And we offer the double bag "Small Hobo" in three different colors of nubuck.

I understand that it is difficult to assess and determine the quality of a leather (and therefore also to understand the accuracy of a higher price) if this is not your area of expertise. But there is something that will always work: the feeling of enchantment. Without really grasping why, when you touch the leather and you feel its softness, the depth of its icy color, and that your hand begins to draw leaving beautiful traces on the velvet end and deep nubuck, in short when you start to feel this "enchantment", know that you have before you an exceptional leather.

The goal of our work is not only to create beautiful bags and useful products that will last over time, but also to make you vibrate and amaze you with the work of our passionate colleagues. And I hope we will amaze you as much as they amaze us.