Luxury men's wallet

Luxury men's wallet

……or « How to group all of his papers in an exquisite wallet »

Yes, when we love leather, over time we become experts in finishes, tint, shades of color, touch, and we become demanding of the origin of raw materials. I am delighted to be able to share my passion for leather through the creation of not only beautiful but also intelligently designed objects, to be loved and to remain at the service of their owners for as long as possible.

One day, I found a sumptuous leather and I decided to create a collection of luxury wallets for men. I think you have already heard of the stiff, smooth leathers that are used for 30 to 40 years and do not age? This type of leather generally develops a special lustre over the years, whilst maintaining an irreproachable appearance. We call this leather "box". Being young, I was fascinated by the bags or wallets made in "box." My only regret was a perception that it was a little too classic.

Can you imagine my joy when, at a leather show, I found the leather of my dreams ?! The French tannery which introduced me to this wonderful leather has a great reputation in the world of leather goods. They are known for their exemplary finish and great work ethic. The "box" finish is created on the skins of young calves, with a surface of barely 1m². The skins are quite thin, smooth and weakly rigid. They seemed absolutely perfect for an exquisite creation of small leather goods. And to start, I wanted to create a collection of luxury wallets for men.

Of course, when you begin to imagine the models that will serve 20, 30 or 40 years, you focus on the essentials. No wonder the first model named, "JET LAG" was a wallet in which it is possible to stow your passport, driver's license, registration card, ID, bank notes and 6 credit cards. All compartments in this wallet are lined with blue calf leather. Why blue? It is a royal blue color, which for me is the color of France. I wanted the person who would wear this piece to be reminded of the great know-how of our country, of the beauty of Paris and our history. This is how this luxury men’s wallet came to be made in a beautiful French workshop..

My husband became the first lucky person to use this wallet 8 years ago! One day, however, his inattention led to the beautiful "JET LAG" finding its way to the bottom of a basket filled with large pine cones! For two days, it lingered there, bored in the basket. When the pine cones were finally depleted and the unfortunate "JET LAG" was extracted from the depths of the basket ....the surface of the wallet was badly marked and filled with sap (oh,pain!). After cleaning the sap off the wallet and lecturing my poor husband, « you only have what you deserve, and obviously you do not deserve to use beautiful pieces! » I returned his battered wallet to him. With a remorseful and shamed expression, he put the wallet back in his jacket pocket ....... Time has passed and I had forgotten (almost) this sad story, until one day a year later I asked him, for administrative purposes, for his ID. To my astonishment, when he pulled out his wallet, once again it was smooth! No trace of impressions or scratches from pine cones remained! It was simply impeccable!

Today, when I look carefully at this same wallet, I can see that the leather has changed. Initially satin, the "box" has become polished by the friction against the fabric of my husband’s pockets, and that same lustre that I admired so much in my youth has appeared. The only difference is that this time I find the wallet anything but boring ; it reminds me of the magnificence of the sea, the beauty of Paris, and I am proud of the work of the tanner and the workshop that made this beautiful piece . As for my husband, he is now paying much more attention to the pretty things he wears, and I am very happy that he is there and shares moments of happiness or disappointment with me.