Women’s leather handbag

Women’s leather handbag

or French way to be "casual chic"

I am smiling at my own words, because I wanted to write: I like to wear beautiful things in a "cool" way ;-) and I also appreciate to see those that do it with ease. Well, I feel a great pleasure to use objects well and beautifully finished, designed in beautiful materials or leathers without becoming "obsessed" thought. Because our real wealth is measured first of all by the beauty of our beings. But my passion is to create beautiful objects, and I like using them. And while designing I am considering also how to give you the opportunity to wear them in a "cool" way. For example, how to give a freedom to wear an ultimately chic handbag in a casual way - on the shoulder, or cross-body...

But let's start with beginning ;-). And the beginning was the desire to offer a perfect accessory to accompany the ladylike silhouettes, or pleated skirts in a modern but chic way. And nothing is better for it than a small structured bag that can be worn on the shoulder or arm.

This is how the leather handbag "JULIETTE" was created. This structured but not too rigid shape is perfect to fit in zippy wallet “KYOTO” size, a cell phone, a cosmetic bag and a glasses case. Not too wide leather handbag "JULIETTE" positions very elegantly on the body and can be worn with a "chic" cross-body or on the shoulder, casual way. We chose the Italian leathers to make this bag more resistant to scratches and dirt, giving it a chance to become definitely your favorite small bag! Please pay attention, that the zippered part, handles and the bottom part of the bag are black, even for the white version! It was done with the same desire, to make the duration of the use longer.

We have developed the leather handbag "JULIETTE" in 4 colors. And for bigger pleasure of use, we are proposing you a small wallet "MADRID" and "JULIE" make-up pouch that are made exactly in the same colors and type of leather to be worn together.

PS. And a few words for the end ... I am very happy to create “slow fashion” luxury leather handbags. There for the colors and the shapes of our products are studied in the smallest details, with the goal to please and serve you for 5-7 years at list. But like all, they’ll need some of your love. Remember to fill your bags with gentle paper when they are not used, store them carefully and protected with their dust bag. And think to give them once a year a small “skin treatment” by applying some invisible leather cream to nourish the skin. You would be surprised; your bags will serve you twice longer ;-)!