The leather tote

The leather tote

The essential and most used by women, the leather tote is the most worn bag model in the world! of course, all the leather goods creators are working on "The Tote bag of the house".

What would be the leather tote for the house MASHA KEJA?

Well, I wished to start with Tote that be easily worn, different from the others and therefore easily identifiable, and above all that it should be light! To be easily worn we worked on the special length of handles that should fit on the large sleeves of big winter coats or fur garment. Looking for light weight we have removed all the metal parts! The only metals left are the zippers of two internal pockets and the invisible magnetic snap that ensures the general closure of the tote. Even the logo is no longer metal ! MASHA KEJA leather Tote is simply hot stamp with a metallic film. We have also studied the way of assembling in order to use few and very light weight reinforcement. To make our bag different and identifiable, I wished it to give an impression of no stitching on their sides. So we have developed a very special weaving realized manually to unite two parts together, face and back.

And now I would speak about another important detail - the choice of leather. To realize this type of bag I needed to find leather as light as possible. It should have a roundness of touch, so it must be quite strong (thick) but at the same time soft and flexible. My research led me to one of the French tanner who introduced me his lamb leather, named "bubbled". What does it means "bubbled lamb ?" you say. Well, to simplify, we are speaking about skins of lambs which are under the high humidity and the heat put in a specially conceived barrel starting to shrink by revealing their natural grain. This grain looks as pretty irregular bubbles, hence the name "bubbled lamb". The leather that I discovered in this tannery had all the characteristics I would dream! Flexible, it make possible to fold the Tote if necessary; soft to touch, it is a pleasure to wear; light, and we forget the pains of the shoulders or back; a "bubbled" grain makes the model "interesting to explore in the details" and less noticeable by soiling.

At the end, to please those who love big size bags we have declined the woven tote "SUZANNE" in two sizes, big and medium. Both sizes are perfect for carrying 15-inch computers or folders.

So my dear ladies, I have a solution to resolve your problem of back pain ;-)!