Leather zipper pouch

Leather zipper pouch

Or how to mix useful and pleasant Sometimes the purchase of beautiful leather handbag is a big investment, especially if the bag is designed and crafted in France in beautiful leathers. We will spend our time thinking, hesitating and at the end, few month later, we will be still without our bag but we may even develop a slight frustration of an unfulfilled desire. If you like fine leathers as I do, I’ll be very glad to share with you my thoughts about other object, the object that will allow you to appreciate the use of the beautiful leather. The object that you will touch much more often than your beautiful handbag, and which will ultimately be more used. I speak about leather zipper pouch. Well-chosen leather zipper pouch will be used as regularly as wallet, and at the end the touch of fine delicate leather will provide you even more joy than any beautiful handbag!

First of all I would like to talk about our very practical model, the zipper pouch that we named "OSLO". It was designed to store A4 sheets folded in half. I am using actually one of these pouches when I travel. I feet in it the prints of my air tickets, my hotel reservations, my daily business plans, my passport and tons of receipts and bills that we are accumulating so incredibly fast ! For the administrative side the return to Paris becomes a simple pleasure, pleasure to find everything in one place and make expense notes without wasting too much time! I choose orange colour for my « administrative » zipper pouch. This color is fun and easy to find in the darkest depths of any handbag,

My second zipper pouch I use it strictly for my personal girl’s pleasure. This is the new generation of leather zipper pouches named "NEW OSLO", in milk white color. Its difference is in the grain of the leather, slightly more pronounced and in its moiré fabric lining (the model "OSLO" is lined with very chic satin). The "pleasure" pouch contains little girls' things: balms and lipsticks, small perfume bottles, powder, business cards (they are ranged in an internal pocket) and other small things. Often I go out for lunch with this pouch in hand. It’s light, chic and very pleasant.

The "OSLO" and "NEW OSLO" leather zipper pouches are developed in 7 colors and can be used by girls and boys. Boys are using this pouch to fit their cellular, keys, driver's license, wallet and other things (well, boys stuff!)

Convenient and enjoyable, I told you ☺!