The embroidery Cannetille

The embroidery Cannetille

Over the centuries, the cannetille enchanted and bewitched all those who could see it. Its singular shine can’t leave you without emotion, without wonder. Its brilliance reminds us of the sparkles of gold nuggets found in rivers. These uncut nuggets that are sending us with a certain timidity irregular, spontaneous rays of light, but they are so warm that it is difficult to resist their charms. That's my feel of founded treasure when I admire the cannetille embroidery... (In some countries this work is called “bullion embroidery” but in France we call it “cannetille”).

You may understand know that in my collections of woman handbags I try to share with you this feeling of mysterious past of this ancient technique… Times have changed, and it became very difficult to find a craftsman who could realize this kind of embroidery with perfection. You need about one day to realize one piece. So I wished to have the undeniably perfect realisation and do what was never done before! In addition to highly meticulous work our embroideries are made directly on lambskins, manually as before and in accordance with the technique of the sixteenth century.

Luxury. So overused today, this word is unpleasant to characterize what ever. But if I would like to speak about rarity of our work, our quality requirement, the great know-how during each phase of the production: choice of exceptional leathers, meticulous embroiderers work, preparation and reinforcement of the embroideries, and at the end the highly artisanal assembly itself, I must say that yes, we are doing a very beautiful and precise leather craft - "Haute leather goods" or a Luxury craft.

Considering the whole process of realization it is impossible to create our cannetille handbags pouches in an industrial way, in other words their prices cannot be lowered. Our "cannetille" pouches are real works of art made individually, by hand and in small series (from 3 to 15 pieces). We hope you will take the time to touch them and admire the eternal beauty of the "cannetille" technique. This “jewel-bags” will embellish any of your outstand outfits with elegance and high refinement.