VERTICAL men's card holder

VERTICAL men's card holder

I am a woman who loves bags and who wears them with great pleasure. But I must admit that sometimes I like to have absolutely nothing in my hands (nor on the shoulder of course). And when that happens, I take full advantage of this moment of freedom ;-)!

Of course I'm not the only one to enjoy this freedom of movement, there are many men who move without pockets, satchels or other leather goods. Moreover this pleasure is even more appreciable in summer, at the time of the hot weather when any carried object prevents a good air circulation and suddenly becomes rather unpleasant.

Well, to savor the freedom of the hands we fill our pockets! Remaining free but well organized we are obviously looking to collect our means of payment, identity papers and driver's license. But most card holders do not allow us to collect everything in one piece ...

And so the "VERTICAL" card holder is born.

Studied to the millimeter this card holder is designed to integrate driver's license, French ID, three cards and a few banknotes. We tried to minimize the size of the room and make it as flat as possible so that it could be worn in a shirt pocket, pants, or jacket.

When choosing leather, I wanted the person using this card holder to think about the beauty and know-how of our country. The card holder is made in a French workshop recognized for its exceptional work on pieces of small leather goods. I associate France with the color blue, and this is how the card holder "VERTICAL" is made of blue calfskin. The back is made of calfskin finish box "black". This type of leather is extremely resistant to aging and luster with great chic after a few years of use.

And of course, knowing that this is the only object we carry, I wish him to be as refined as possible. The card holder "VERTICAL" is fully lined with leather inside, and it will be your elegant companion ensuring your walks with your hands free ;-).