The zipped checkbook companion

The zipped checkbook companion

It is so nice to get out of your bag a checkbook protected by a nice leather cover! The touch of the leather is warm and soft. He reassures you and soothes, like the memories of childhood, the sweet voice of his mother ...

It is also true that we use fewer and fewer checkbooks. And having a protection for our checkbook becomes a real luxury. To this luxury is added a disadvantage, a checkbook holder plus a wallet fill, between them, very quickly our bag leaving us very little opportunity to house a beauty kit, a glasses case and our cell phone .. .

So, wishing to satisfy the need of those who continue to use a checkbook and want to collect all means of payment in one place, we have developed a zipped wallet model, a great companion.

This companion is made in grained calf. This leather has a very high resistance to scratches and stains. Inside the companion is designed in smooth leather. This template can then contain: checkbook, passport or ID, ten credit cards, banknotes and coins in a zipped compartment in the middle.

Seeking to offer users a complete satisfaction, we studied the opening "flat" of the room allowing us to flatten it on the table and fill his check with ease.

Why did we choose to make this zipped mate? To meet a need for security and satisfy our laziness ;-).

You will agree that it is difficult to lose papers or receipts when the wallet closes with a zip. And even if you forgot to close the coin compartment, the coins will always stay inside the mate.

And how to respond to our laziness? : I've noticed that many of us are well organized and keep their card receipts always in the same compartment of the wallet. Always for lack of time we do not think to empty our portfolios of receipts and useless cards. Too much filled the portfolios become big, become deformed and we begin gradually to misplace their contents. The zipped room can sometimes not put in the right place your receipt, or the prescription of your doctor. It will be enough to close the zip to guarantee that you will find it at any time. Not to mention that the zipped piece can hold even more paperwork, because the zip keeps the two walls closed and forces to flatten the contents.

Of course, at some point it will be difficult to close the zip, but by forcing you get there, the zips are made for that! But quickly find a moment to relieve the suffering of your good servant, and empty your companion unnecessary papers. You will extend his life by at least 4 years!