Man wallet in crocodile

Man wallet in crocodile

Crocodile leather as a work of art

I have long dreamed of creating a collection of small leather goods in crocodile skins. You could say "a funny dream", yes maybe, but it is so. I really appreciate exotic leathers and simply beautiful leathers. The creation of crocodile wallets for me is a huge privilege and a pride, because it is about creating small luxury leather goods with skins that are themselves true works of art, reflecting the greatest know-how tanners craftsmen.

For starters I decided to create a range of crocodile man wallets. Why for men? Because men have fewer opportunities to take pleasure in using beautiful pieces of art than we women. And a nice crocodile wallet is less expensive than a nice watch but offers you even more enjoyment, because every day you will touch and enjoy this beautiful object.

I particularly appreciate the work of two tanneries of exotic skins, one is in France, the other in Italy. Each season they surprise us with their collections of exotic leathers in many finishes, more beautiful than the others. Almost all skins are finished by hand with patinas, paints and delicate encrustations of metal powders, they are real works of art! And of course every crocodile skin purchased for the realization of your collection, comes with a large tag-rings certifying the name and number of the piece to ensure its traceability. In addition we receive papers that certify that these exotic skins come from a regulated breeding.

For our collection of croco wallets, we chose a small crocodile skin to highlight the delicacy of its scales. The skin is dyed in several stages and covered with 3-4 different shades to create a "depth" to the color and in the end, they are patinated by hand.

Work in luxury is a job of precision. Without precision, excellence can never be achieved. The breeder of animals must be precise and respectful of the animals he breeds. If the animals are sick, poorly maintained or if they fight between them the breeder will never have beautiful skins. The beautiful skins are paid dear by luxury tanners because it allows them to enhance their work and their know-how. In the continuity of this beautiful creative chain, I went to one of the best French workshops, recognized for its work of precision cutting and assembly of exotic skins. And it is together, in perfect collaboration, that we gave life to this beautiful project: the realization of man wallets in crocodile.