Double-carried bag

Double-carried bag

I would like to introduce one of our best sellers, the "Hobo" double-carried bag.

This bag is designed for women who want to have an effective bag. Neither too big nor too small it must satisfy us and beautifully accessorize all our outfits (or almost). He must accompany us on our shopping trips and leave both hands free to touch, discover and feel free. This bag should have enough volume to fit a small bottle of water, glasses and a wallet. But also it is desirable to have a pocket to quickly access the cell phone or our bus-pass ... So, one, two, three and hop! the little Hobo is born!

This bag has two handles. The first shorter is in leather. This handle allows to carry the bag on the shoulder and to accessorize very feminine silhouettes: skirts with an arched waist or suit jackets. This gives the looks an Italian touch, so chic!

The second handle is a strap, which can be adjusted to two lengths. Shortcuts at maximum positions the bag elegantly at the hip. The second strap adjustment allows to wear the bag in a relaxed way: crossed. And so this position completely frees the hands.

The bag is closed in a very discreet way by a zip that guarantees travel in public transport in complete safety! We carefully studied the reinforcements of this bag so that it is possible to wear heavy enough items without the bag deforms. Thus the "Hobo" double-carried always remains impeccable.

This model has become our great success and is available in a dozen colors and two types of leather. We invite you to discover it and follow its new versions that we launch each year.