French artisanal leather goods

French artisanal leather goods

The freshness of the metal, the enigmatic brilliance of light, the singularity of manual work perfectly well mastered, the feeling of power and mystery ... all this is: la Cannetille. This technique of embroidery appeared in Europe in the sixteenth century and which captivated my imagination, gave me an immense desire to disturb your hearts in the way it disturbed and delighted mine.

In the past, la Cannetille adorned the garments of the kings and mighty of our world. Napoleon Bonaparte and his Marechaux wore suits asserting their powers and their singularities. The cannetille sometimes covered a third of the male costume, and you can imagine the sumptuousness and the number of splinters that these metallic threads sent back to the slightest light! The man who wore the embroidered cannetille suit came down very clearly from Olympus! How is it possible to resist such splendor? (For the curious I suggest going for a walk in the Army Museum in Paris where we find a beautiful collection of these precious clothes.)

And then we ... who live in our 21st century at an increasingly high rate, constantly lacking time. By this search to "win" time our wardrobe is transformed: our clothes adapt to our needs and our lifestyles. Faster, cheaper and easy to maintain! The effect of globalization makes it possible to meet these three needs, but the other side of the coin: we become too uniform, and therefore ... boring. But the human is unique. And this is the second reason why I wanted to revive the forgotten technique of the "cannetille" made entirely by hand, and share with you this art of embroidery unequaled and unique, as we humans.

The desire is to create accessories that will be easy to wear and maintain, and that will embellish any look "Rock", romantic or classic.

We went to a very beautiful French factory that makes embroidery, trimmings and various military stripes for the army. The factory manager has sympathetically accepted our request for the production of artistic pieces and he has since become our official embroiderer.

And now I want to lift the veil on the craftsmanship of French workshops that make our pouches "cannetille".

First we select the best lamb skins and cut out one or two panels for the embroidery in the most noble part. These parcels are sent to the embroiderer, who returns them embroidered according to our wishes. At the reception, each parcel will be examined, adjusted for the assembly work and carefully protected and packaged. Then the embroidery leaves for another workshop which will take care of their assembly.

As you probably know, the lambskin is not very thick and recognized for its flexibility and its very silky touch. Its fineness, suitable for embroiderers, even if it is more difficult to pierce with a needle a leather that a fabric is a constraint for the craftsman who is supposed to create a form that is held. Then these plots of leather will be reinforced for assembly. And it is here that the meticulous and precise work of the French craftsmen makes the difference. The cutting and preparation of leather pieces, the installation of reinforcements and the correctness of the assembly make our embroidered pouches become real jewelry bags!

And other details, the beautiful brass chains of our embroidered pockets are carefully prepared by our workshop. If the length of the chain is not suitable we offer our buyers a realization to the desired length. We are delighted to offer you this exception worthy of kings!