My vision of luxury...

My vision of luxury...

The term "Luxury" is unfortunately so commonplace and so badly used lately (who do not know the phrase "an accessible luxury" or "a luxury at a low price"?) That I find myself clueless when it comes to describing our work in one word, and yet ...

I did some research on the term "LUXE" and I must note that our views on the use of this word according to our experience, income or age are very variable. The only common point that emerges from these numerous opinions is the following reflection: "LUXURY is characterized by a very high price for something that is not essential to live". Point!

Certainly. Our affluent societies have created jobs that are not essential for survival, but that bring us pleasure and emotion: the luxury trades. Knowing that women's handbags or men's alligator wallets are not essential for survival, I feel obliged to use the word "LUXURY LEATHER GOODS" to talk about our work. And then I will wish to dissect point by point and reflect with you on the meaning of this word according to MASHA KEJA.

1. LUXE is a know-how, rare are those who reach a great know-how, in other words it is the exception. We carefully choose our manufacturers, aiming their own know-how. This is how we address the French craftsmen recognized in their work of precision for the realization of pieces of exceptions.

2. LUXURY is beauty. What a pleasure to contemplate and discover detail by detail the object of our desire. Sleek or loaded with small details, we wish him to reflect our attention and our sense of harmony.

3. LUXURY is a serenity. Yes, to create a beautiful object requires a calm and concentration. Leather does not forgive, neither faults nor nervousness, and the slightest lack of harmony is immediately apparent in the object. I can not stop marveling during my visits to the leather workshops that do an exceptional job. There is a deep serenity in the air, we do not raise our voices, people are concentrated but not stressed, and the movements of the craftsmen are so calm and precise! Leather work is a real passion. And it is this love, reinforced by experience, that will turn a good job into a work of excellence.

4. LUXURY is a story. Of course ! Because at the beginning of everything, there is a strong love, there is a passion. And love must be shared. We are delighted to share with you the stories of our leather finds and their fabrications, the stories of our research and our collections.

5. LUXURY is the attention, and even more so today than twenty years ago. We live in an exceptional era where everything becomes closer and faster, and at this time the moment of human contact becomes more and more precious. We are delighted to receive you in our shop and take the time it takes to advise you, explain the different litters of our models, or to adapt the model to your way of wearing it.

6. LUXURY is intimately linked to scarcity, so our embroidered evening bags, made by hand in ancestral technique, are made in very small series. The object is thus almost unique and singular.

7. LUXURY has a price. Yes. We want to please you by designing our bags and wallets in high quality leathers that will create an emotion that you will wear for years to come. We work hand in hand with our manufacturers to create a product that will delight you with its quality, refinement, beauty of achievement, proportion and elegance. We also offer our customers an after-sales service that allows to replace a broken part by accident, or to make a lost shoulder strap. Our workshop offers you the size of chains small pockets "AVA" allowing you to find your ideal length.  

8. LUXURY is a space ....