Luxury men's leather goods

Luxury men's leather goods

I like well made products, accessories or clothes ... And I feel a lot of pleasure when I can use these luxury products as often as possible and appreciate the beauty of their finishes at every moment of their use. So, when we talk about luxury leather goods, I want to start with the essential, and create a bag model that can be used daily.   

I am targeting a young Metropolitan elegant and sporty, that often moving with his computer / files / camera and sportswear. I want to create a luxury leather man bag that can be habitable but elegant when empty, and offer its future owner the opportunity to separate the "business" universe from the "private" world. For this project I need a strong and lightweight leather. After wide search I find the dream leather, baby calf skin from a great French tanner. Small in size but big enough for the bag, they are light, finished with a nice long grain that will make invisible future scratches. Subsequently we develop with the tanner a special color, beige double tone to give more relief to the complexion and to ennoble the future soiling. The final color is just perfect! For the sake of ease of use, I want to use a black leather smooth for the bottom of the bag and the handles, because the soils on black are obviously less visible than on a light color.

It remains a point to solve - to separate the "business" and "private" universes. The solution is found in the creation of two large pockets-side compartments, independent of the central compartment. The size of these pockets allows you to discreetly store a 15-inch computer like a MacBook Pro or folders or house magazines ... While the sports business and computer accessories will be easily organized in the central zipped.

Mainly intended for the world of luxury leather goods, this bag is also appreciated by businesswomen! Indeed it is incredibly practical as a flying companion! Placed between your feet it ensures you a comfortable trip with all your gadgets and essentials at your fingertips. So today, the bag "JET LAG" has become my faithful companion daily ;-).